Services and Benefits

Law enforcement faces many challenges in today’s technology-oriented environment - one of which is the need to anticipate how new communications service and technologies available today can be used in the furtherance of crime. Law enforcement often does not have timely access to information about providers, services, implementation plans, or the impacts of today’s services on law enforcement - including collection and analysis of digital evidence. Each agency is unique in its capabilities and resource limitations but there are several commonalities in their respective needs (e.g., access to technical information / solutions, knowledge about service of process, training) that can benefit from getting to know and understand the NDCAC’s unique set of skills and competencies.

The NDCAC recognizes staying technologically relevant is a full-time responsibility by researching,collecting, and organizing information often critical to law enforcement investigations. This responsibility includes:

  • Develop / maintain / deliver tools to address law enforcement’s technical challenges at no cost to law enforcement agencies
  • Leverage training and tools developed by other agencies to share with the community - acting as a force multiplier by distributing solutions for those agencies capable of developing solutions
  • Strengthen law enforcement’s relationships with the communications industry through active interaction including technical discussions and service of process consultations