About the NDCAC

Multimedia Internet LaptopThe National Domestic Communication Assistance Center (NDCAC) has four core functions:

  • Law Enforcement Coordination
  • Industry Relations
  • Technology Sharing
  • CALEA Implementation

There are nearly 18,000 federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies within the United States. All of which have different levels of technical expertise and varying investigative needs. However, there is:

  • No centralized point to provide coordinated technical assistance,
  • No way to leverage research and development efforts of any constituent agency, and
  • No seamless mechanism to make solutions available to the law enforcement community

The NDCAC is the government's first ever attempt to develop a center for electronic surveillance knowledge management, and facilitate the sharing of technical solutions and know-how among law enforcement agencies. The NDCAC contributes considerably toward closing the intercept capability gap for state and local law enforcement agencies. This gap is known as Going Dark.

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the NDCAC opened in early 2013 and is staffed with technical experts dedicated to supporting the law enforcement community. It also accommodates technical training sessions and meetings between law enforcement and industry.