Lawful Intercept Standards

To ensure industry-wide implementation of the assistance capability requirements of Section 103 of CALEA, the FBI, through its CALEA Implementation Unit (CIU), in coordination with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, consults with the appropriate standards-setting organizations of the telecommunications industry. The information listed below represents the lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance technical standards and specifications published by United States-based standard-setting organizations and industry associations of which the CIU is aware, cross-referenced against the various types of telecommunications services to which the standard or specification relates. The listed standards and specifications are available to the public on the referenced organization and association Internet websites. The list is provided for reference only, and is subject to change as additional standards are developed and published. By providing this list, neither the CALEA Implementation Unit nor the FBI in any way endorse the contents of the listed standards or specification or in any way imply or confirm that they satisfy the requirements of Section 103 of CALEA.